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Dunny UK SeriesDunnys are collectible urban vinyl toys that come in badass blind box series. So far there is a UK Series, French Series, Azteca Series, Series 1, Series 2, Series 3, Series 4, Series 5, LA Series, and a Tattoo Series.

Kidrobot makes many other vinyl toys such as the Smorkin' Labbits, The Moofia, and Heroes and Heartbreakers.

I spend too much money on these addictive toys. There is a store near where I live called Rotofugi that has an amazing assortment of them (not just KidRobot but also locally designed/produced small scale lines). I find myself wanting to go and "just buy one more" far too often. They do look amazing on a shelf, bookcase, or mantle, so it is for a good cause. The blindbox aspect of these toys is what makes them so interesting, for me. There are so many amazing designs in each series that I am never disappointed with what I get, but I am always surprised. :) I have an ever expanding army of dunnys and labbits that my fiancee and I continuously add to.



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