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Subnormality is one of my favorite webcomics of all time. At times insightful, touching, hilarious, macabre, intelligent, and always downright enjoyable. The art is always amazing and the message always comes through. This witty and unique take on society always rings true for me. I am pleased to be able to say that after a month long hiatus Subnormality is back on its weekly update schedule (and I am back to constantly checking for a new comic).

With many subjects covered throughout its two years of almost weekly updates, there is not a linear plot that carries over from week to week. However, there is an amusing story of a Sphynx's attempts to survive and find happiness in modern society that has been continued through many strips. One of my favorite strips far is the newest posted one which explores the reasons behind the behavior of two video game heroes. Another of my favorites is an insightful and hilarious life calender that never fails to make me laugh. This comic explores the personal choices of two girls in Nazi Germany.



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